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of the mass graves used by the man known as the speed freak killers. we will hear from the missing girl's mother. you may recall that she was kidnapped in 1988. she was nine years old at the time. on monday, hayward police told makayla's mother that one of the bones pulled from a mass gravesite could be hers. the gravesite was used by the speed freed killers. this is the first time the police have seemed this certain over the past two decades. >> i have shed plenty of tears the last few days with the idea that it could be her. i would like to have a resolution. if makayla died, then i want to know that. it just feels it might actually be. might be the answer. >> the bone in question is about three inches long. investigators september it along with the remains of another victim to that victim's family. they decided it just didn't match and had it tested at chico state. it turns out that bone likely is from a girl age five to 13 years of age. hayward police are now running dna tests to determine if it belonged to makayla. that's the question. they issued an apology for the mix up. hayward
of us are stuck in it. >> we will get here early and camp out all day. >> andrew johnston and his family will make sure to see them in action. but parking will be sparse for events like hardly strictly bluegrass. they encourage you to leave the car at home and hop on your skateboard or bike instead. >> i live in the glen park neighborhood. sometimes i take the 44 bus up to the top of the hill. from there i just it is all downhill. >> reporter: bike parking is free, so be ready to pay for $25 jefferson elementary school will park in their lot. >> our school is so under funded that this is another way for us to raise money. between the outside lands and this one, it makes about $10,000. >> reporter: people charging for parking will not be the only ones raking it in. they are already bustling with hungry customers near the italian heritage parade. she says she is ready for the crowds. >> it is a crazy day. it is a crazy week. we are looking forward to it. we are fully staffed. >> reporter: it-- >> it is crazy, but hopefully you will have a good time. i did see some people roller blading. an
of a hazmat situation. a man killed himself using poison gas. it happened in an apartment at powell and columbus about 7:30 tonight. this is a live look at the scene right now. as a precaution police evacuated 15 people from the building and several other buildings nearby. the red cross is on the scene. in the last hour police did let some people back into their homes on the opposite side of the street. >>> our other big story, the traffic mess around the bay area as drivers work around the san mateo bridge closure. roads backed up for miles and drivers sitting in traffic for hours. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll mass a. -- plaza. moving pretty smoothly right now but that's not how it was today. >> traffic is moving normally for a saturday night here at this bay bridge toll plaza. if you were traveling on any one of the bay area's bridges or freeways, you know how closing one bridge can affect traffic everywhere. >> this bridge was closed for repairs and this what drivers would have wished for. what drivers got instead was this. traffic snarled and moving at a crawl on hi
of nato involvement in afghanistan. the longest armed conflict in u.s. history. >> some scary moments in san mateo when 15 homes were evacuate after three suspicious devices were found in a park. they were bottled filled with a clear liquid and had metal foil around them. police determined the bottles were consistent with homemade explosive devices. rebat help disable the bottles and the park was re-opened. >>> now for a check ton the weather, there's a loot going on this weekend, and leigh glaser is here with what we can expect tomorrow. >> leigh: let's look at live doppler 7hd quickly because we are seeing a few of those low clouds starting to move in across parts of the bay area. you can see them right near the marin headlands, heading towards the golden gate bridge. the good news is that most of this will spill in tonight and then back off the coast by tomorrow. speaking of a lot going on, hardly strictly blue grass, golden gate park, 1:00, temperatures near 60, and then cool down, clouds, and wind, by 7:00, temperatures into the 50s. near the waterfront we have the blue angels, t
called romney out on a comment he made about the attack on the u.s. embassy in libya. >> the whole idea of there being a riot act. >> was that fair? >> she didn't do that to the president. she didn't fact check anything he said and said you said this and you said that. for instance, he said he would cut the deficit in half. she never challenged him on that. >> definitely one of the more talked about moments of the night. but there is plenty more to pick over between now and the next debate. reporting live, alan wang, abc7 news. >> alan, thank you. and there will be much more ahead on the debate on "nightline" after this newscast. and the third and final presidential debate is set for next monday, october 22nd at lynn university in boca raton, florida with a focus on foreign policy. that starts at 6:00. you can watch it live here on abc7. as the two presidential candidates argued over the terrorist attack in libya hundreds gathered at san francisco city hall to honor the ambassador who was killed there. christopher stevens grew up in piedmont and graduated from uc berkeley and ucsf hasti
. >> thank you very much. >>> a man uh us coulded -- accused of torching a law office was guilty of that fire and two others. we go now live with the latest on the story. alan, it sounds like they have made the connection. >> and they think he set a funeral home and church on fire too. we found out the connection goes back more than a decade ago. >> when the mayor surveyed the damage of his burned out law office last month, he told abc7 news he believed the attack was politically motivated. >> i can tell you the motive was not politically motivated. he has disdain for the system and the rules we are governed by. >> reporter: 44-year-old maud love used an ago sell rent to set fire to the mayor's office. >> did the mayor even know who he was, who he is? >> again that's not something i want to comment on. >> reporter: according to family members, love asked the mayor to handle his mother's estate after she died in 1999. love ended up being forced out of the house his mother owned and family members say love has always blamed the mayor. records show love filed a civil suit against obey -- osbey d
at oakland city hall for us right now. allen. >>reporter: two weeks ago the same demonstrators forced the city council to cancel their meeting. the plan this time by the city was to limit the seating so that police could control the crowd. city manager decision to close off the balcony for safety purposes setoff the crowd before the meeting even started. with limited seats the overflow crowd refused to watch on tv in a separate room. extra police were called in to guard the doors. l 30. will be no business as usual in oakland until there's justice for. >>reporter: they demand police report on the officer involved shooting death of 18-year-old allen bloom ford. police believe the high school senior had a gun when they shot him last may. >> we are just trying to get answers and we say it and say it and we haven't been able to get answers. at ever turn shut down. discouraged. treated badly. >> it pains me every time you come here and you talk about i it. >>reporter: council member brook promised to help under one condition. >> but didn't just come and yell. because that does
advice. >> if you are going to use your cell phone and having lunch or dinner or sandwich use it in the restaurant. put tonight your pocket. just lick you would your wallet. wouldn't walk around with your wallet and cash out don't do it with 3 to 500 dollar piece of electronic equipment. >> police really want everyone to have a good time but they say if something does happen call 911 right away and be a good witness. try to remember the person who came up to you and try to recall anything that might make them stick out from the crowd so police can find them. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. now because of the convergence of fleet week and america's cup world series it's a weekend of congestion on the streets of san francisco to be sure. warning signs began flash thanksgiving morning along the embarcadero advising draivrs of street closure and detour throughout the north end of the city. the golden gate bridge district today said it will be running extra buses and ferry and bart extra trains too. san francisco likely points of congestion include land's
it is relevant to the crime and also that it is from the perpetrator. >> here is the problem. a u.s. department of justice audit found the crime lab has shared dna profiles it should not have shared. they looked at 100dna profiles the lab up loaded, and as a result of the audit, 44 profiles had to be removed from the national database. what the final report calls a large number of inappropriate profiles, and we believe the laboratory may have additional ineligible profiles. >> before 2006 we concede that we entered a lot of profiles that we should not. >> the crime lab director told us before 2006, the fbi didn't give dna labs proper guidance on what should and should not be up loaded into the database. but a third of the lab's mistakes occurred after 2006. >> the problem is that the guidelines of the fbi gave us even in 20 have are 6 are not completely foolproof. they are open to some interpretation. >> take for example a dna profile lifted from a cigarette butt found in a park across the street from a homicide. investigators thought the suspect could have smoked there. >> can we prove that ha
fishermen made it to shore. a man let one of the fishermen use his phone to call 9-1-1. >> it wasn't that big of a boat. that and the life vests that we saw in the water, and the guy told me they weren't wearing them. i didn't think it would turn out well for them. >> as the time moves on and it gets colder and darker, it is not in our favor. >> a helicopter rushed one of the survivors to stanford medical center where he is being treated for hypothermia. >>> now to the weekend's other big story, the weather. you are looking outside where the skies are clear, but what is ahead tomorrow? let's go to leigh glaser for a first check on the weather. hi, leigh. >> hi, alan. hi, everyone. live doppler 7hd is showing clear conditions across the bay area right now. the fog is absent from the coast thanks to the on shore -- those offshore winds. the air is heating us up and here is a look at highs. livermore 100 degrees and setting a new record. 97 was the high for antioch as well as concord and fairfield reached 97 degrees. north bay 97, san rafael 94. san francisco 94 and san jose, your hig
rice and brent jones join us as abc7 news presents the 49ers' pre game show followed by the 49ers taking them on at candlestick. and then stick around for a special edition of "after the game." let's head over to leigh glaser to see what the weather is like outside. >> live doppler 7 right to you -- hd that is, is showing a lot of clouds streaming across the bay area. these are mainly high and midlevel clouds. we do have dense fog sitting very close to the golden gate bridge and extending toward the berkeley area. you can see san ramon and even the livermore valley area is seeing some of the high clouds as well. current temperatures, we are still holding heat from the day. we are looking at mid to low 60s in the inland east bay locations, but be cooled into the 50s near the peninsula and san francisco. we will look at a hot forecast as we head into the middle part of the workweek. that's coming up. >> leigh, thanks. >>> a man and woman are dead in a double shooting in an unincorporated area of contra costa county. it happened near antioch. sheriff deputies arrived to find the man
but after tonight fans say the outlook much brighter. >> going down o-2 would not be good for us. taking one split and going st. louis and win on the road we are a good road team. >>reporter: well, game 3 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. wouldn't be surprised if some fans call in sick that day to watch it on tv. live in san francisco, lillian kim, abc 7 news. >> some fans maybe some reporters there lil i don't know. thanks very much. nasty job. >>> now she will be at work i know. just as soon as fans got out of the game it was just grid lock. here you see south bound highway 101 backing up. major crash involving number of injuries blocked traffic for hours. all lanes are now reopened. >> you need to win 4 games out of 7 to take the championship series so the next 3 games are all in santa louis. game 3 lillian said is this wednesday starts at 1:07 pacific time. thursday game 4 starts at 5:07 pacific time. night game. on friday game 5 also began 5:07 pacific time. >>> port of oakland hired outside help to investigate its stripper scandal. recently rae leased public records show maritim
tonight in an apartment complex in santa clara near saratoga avenue. alan wang is there live. take us through it. >> dan and carolyn, santa clara s.w.a.t had the suspect holed up and surrounded in the white apartment come plek -- complex right behind me. an hour ago the man walked out and gave up. this all started around 3:00 with an armed bank robbery about three miles away in san jose. as soon as police realized the suspect was in one of the apartment units, they immediately started evacuating the residents. in all six people were rushed to safety and police negotiators took over from there. >> within the last two hours approximately, we were able to have some two-way dialogue with the suspect until he successfully and safely surrendered. >> reporter: gore yaiters -- negotiators threw a phone through a window and used it to talk to him. sat this time san jose police have not released the name of the suspect who they believe robbed the bank of the west at 2200 business circle. again an armed robbery suspect who was holed up for several hours gave up peacefully and six residents were
of their own that's why they asked the fbi and napa county sheriff's department for help. they used robot to find the bomb in the house. they then placed them in the middle of the street, surrounded them with sand bags and detonated them. them. >> fire in the >> probably not going to bring a house down with it but certainly if it was around something that was flackable, if it had gone off and proximity of human being or some living creature sunshine has enough power to kill someone. or at least seriously maim they are dangerou dangerous. we are not going to find crate or in the middle of the street but could kill and maim people. >> the bomb squad detonated a second set of becomes but that took place in the back. and we were unable to see it. police not releasing the identity of the person they say was manufacturing these explosive did he advises. all they are saying is that he's a man in his 50's. he is under arrest and charged with felony. live in vallejo, abc 7 news. >> all right lil i don't know thank you. >> now to tonight vice-presidential debate and tough and testy
by an astronomer who tells us what it really was. >> looked over and saw a crescent-shaped object. as it went away it started getting larger. it was expanding. >> i can't really describe exactly what i seen, but it was something abnormal. >> how long did it last? >> i just seen two seconds. >> i am not sure if it was a meteor or not. a meteor drops out of the sky. this thing was going sideways and across the sky. to say it was a meteor, i don't know. >> you saw a small piece of rock and metal from the asteroid belt crash through the layers of the earth's atmosphere setting the air on fire in its wake. little pieces of it as it broke up and probably crashed in the hills north of hill. north of here. you may have even heard a sonic boom as it crashed the speed of sound. >> so it was a meteor that crashed into the hills around martinez. astronomers say it is not rare. in fact, 15,000 pounds of space material crashes into the earth every year, but it is not often that it happens over a densly populated area. it came into the atmosphere doing 25,000 miles, but it slowed down and hit at 300 miles per ho
-off in the first presidential debate. so our power house political team will be with us, and they will >>> sky 7hd rescued injured hiker who fell 40 feet down this ravine. they used an area ladder truck to drop ropes and pulleys to the woman below. they then pulled her up in the safety basket. the hiker suffered injuries. >>> a convicted embezzler is back after almost two weeks on the run. jay shaw faces 45 years in prison for his role in the dark prince real estate scam. it involves three condos at san francisco's exclusive rine con hill -- rincon hill highrise. they transferred the condos to the shell corporations and took out loans on the property. >>> another twist in the gender discrimination case at the top venture capital firm. she has been terminated from the firm. the firm says she is still an employee, however they say she is being asked to transition out of the company. she sued the firm in may claiming she was the victim of gender bias and retaliation. >> an emotional plea for the return of a stolen dog from a 10-year-old san jose girl. thieves broke through a sliding glass door. they
, the coast guard boat came in and got us off. >> they were like, put on your life vests, go up to the bow. the captain was going toward pier30 nan, but they were going down and they were clearly taking on water. joy it was scary to hear the report. the hole is this big and he was chest deep. >> the party boat they were on is called the neptune. the boat has a crew of four. one of the crew told us exactly what happened. >> we were off course navigation error. we were on the inside of the buoe and we hit little alcatraz. two one foot by one foot holes in the back. >> the crew and the party goers were rescued by the fire department and the coast guard. we were told there were no injuries and no one really suffered any kind of trauma outside of a little scare. now, the coast guard is trying to get all of the water out of the neptune and trying to tow it back into san francisco. so they will be trying to tow it in sometime tonight. live in san francisco, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> thanks very much. new fallout tonight from the occupy protests in oakland. and tonight it is the police that are
sandhya patel joins us with a look at what is ahead. >> carolyn and dan, what's ahead is a storm. let's look at the big changes that are coming. the storm is in the development phase. the area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska will join together with this moisture north of hawaii. the storm is developing and will get here this week end. i will show what you it looks like at this hour. the marine layer has ramped up that has brought the cooling. it has extended into the bayside communities tonight. and as you look at the temperatures at this hour, they are in the 50s and the 60s. big changes ahead as i mentioned. i'll let you know if the wet weather, first significant rain of the season and the snow in the sierra will impact your weekend plans in a few minutes. carolyn? >> thank you. happening now the san mateo bridge is shutdown, and that means tens of thousands of people will have to make other plans to get across the bay. you are looking live at the san mateo bridge with not a car on it. thomas roman is on the bridge and could these weather changes affect their work there? >> th
:30. a union spokesperson tells us arnett was a shop foreman, but even for an experienced worker the docks can be a dangerous place. >> it is not normal, sir. it is a quick, productive place, and if you don't watch what you are doing, you get your body in harm's way, you get hurt. >> cal-osha shutdown that terminal to investigate the six other terminals that remained open. >>> experts say the shark that bit and killed a surfer off california's central coast was a great white. the santa barbara county sheriff's office released this photo showing marks from the shark's teeth on the bottom of the surfboard. the great white was at least 15 feet long. it was big. the shark researcher made that determination after examining the body of francisco javier solorio who was killed in the shark attack. >>> in an exclusive interview, a former san jose police officer says time card fraud in the department is rampant. he is suing the city. the city, the police department and two other officers. he says they routinely went out to eat or took in a movie when they were forced to work. he was forced to retire ear
the winds on a fire that quickly spread. it sparked one building. fire crews had to use a boat on the floodwaters and scale an awning to rescue 25 people from the roof. >> in manhattan, emergency crews had to wheel patients out of a hospital. 215 patients were taken to other hospitals. >> also in manhattan, a crane remains dangling atop a condo building that is under construction. it collapsed under strong winds this afternoon. the street below has been closed off. despite the damage in new york, new jersey, could have it even worse. the story tonight from cape may. >> reporter: sandy made landfall in southern new jersey this evening packing 80 miles per hour miles per hour winds. record-breaking high tide and rough surf battered the coastline. roads washed away by storm surge and flooding. water poured into ground zero in new york. in walk away park queens they scrambled to rescue people in a fire raging out of control. in manhattan, more than 200 patients had to be evacuated and moved to other facilities. >> one thing we had not counted on, new york university hospital back-u
of the victims in what police say is a series of thefts in this el cerrito neighborhood. we agreed not to use the victim's name but he agreed to walk us through the thief on the surveillance system. >> quickly grabs the mail. turns back around, looks down the hill. obviously got the mail here in his possession. >> police say this suspect may be responsibleor several thefts in the neighborhood. >> over the course of about the past week we have had approximately four incidents of mail theft in el cerrito in the area of arlington boulevard and cutting boulevard. >> the resident who got this surveillance video says this alleged thief made off with a cashier's check from his mail boston. not resident says the thief stole a package right off her steps. >> we find out more since we have a neighbor watch, where e-mails are exchanged between neighbors. >> one of the biggest concern by investigators is the possibility of identity theft. >> there may be account information in, depending on if it's a bank statement or financial statement. >> thanks to this surveillance video police have some he can len i
and fantastic san francisco giants are just one win away from the world championship. thank you for joining us, i'm ama daetz. an exciting win for the giants. that gives them a 3-0 edge toward another world series trophy. we have live team coverage of the win. we begin with larry beil who is here with highlights. shut them out. >> larry: incredible and fantastic. sums it up. the giants just one win away from capturing their second world sear title. they shut out detroit and they can wrap things up tomorrow night. the giants, in game three, jump out to another early lead. second inning, gregor blanco, deep to right center, off the wall. scores pence, and the giants take the 1-0 lead in the second, crawford, pride of pleasanton jimmy,0 there austin jackson misplays it. jackson scores. coward goes to second. ryan vogelsong, gets berry on the double play ball, 5 2/3 scoreless innings. timmy time. tim lincecum, striking out prince fielder and then andy dirks to end the eighth. sergio romo in the ninth. one, two three, gets infante to end it. the giants do it again. again by a 2-0 score, just like g
. they will staff macy's and bloomingdale stores and kohl centers and walmart and tiors are us are planning to hire more people. >> a aapologized after air brushing women in saudi arabia. it features a woman in addition to boy. women appear infrequently across saudi arabia. strict laws require women to cover most of their bodies in public. >> carolyn: we want to share very cool images. our photographer captures she is going shots of dolphins riding the waves north of half moon bay. you can see they seem to be enjoying the surf today. it was especially warm out there. we can see why. >> dan: warm weather and still steamy in many parts of the bay area. >> we're in for a mild to warm night. a as we head into tomorrow, i want to show you a photo. this was sent to us by a viewer. bay farm island in alameda. you can see the sun was glowing there was absolutely gorgeous. hot day today and we are headed for another hot one as we head into tomorrow. get ready for that as we check out right now, live doppler 7 hd. you'll see what is happening. there is a few clouds out there. not anything in the form of fog,
asked them if they agree with the policy and if they think it's okay they couldn't really answer us. they just said it's a national policy and we are following a policy. >>reporter: the petition came from an on license mobilization effort started by ryan's mom to get support for her son. >> and new tonight. executive director of the port of oakland has been put on paid leave. that's the result of ongoing investigation into allegations of improper expenditure. omar benjamin and other top officials of the port come under scrutiny lately including marine director james kwan. kwan 4500 dinner tab at strip club in houston looked at very closely. 2 meetings have been held in the past week to address questionable spending practices. >>> south bay doctor suspected of trading prescriptions for sex and money was in court today. dr. marvin bonnie ham was the medical director of the valley health plan. he didn't enter a plea. his attorney needs more time to review the case. bonnie ham faces 18 felony drug charges. his attorney did rae least statement that says despite the recent sensat
this hard. this area. we have the san francisco police department on the phone with us. officer, thanks for talking to us tonight. >> my pleasure. >> tell us a little about the situation and how your officers are handling these crowds in the streets. >> as we learned from 2010, what we are doing now is we deployed our officers throughout the city in various hotspots where we believe that we might have trouble in regards to people celebrating a little too much and spilling into the streets. one concern is getting sk tray moving along -- getting traffic moving along. with all of the people moving along it does president -- it doesn't bottleneck and create an incident. another issue is making sure the public is safe, and our first responders are safe as well. we don't want to walk into some kind of volatile situation that may injure one of our first responders and could potentially injure any members of the public. >> have you heard of any injuries so far tonight? >> no injuries as of yet. a few sporadic throughout the city, but they were small in nature. nothing structural where people wo
to use this in case of an emergency. that's it. and that's nothing else. >>reporter: you have no plans of bricking into any of the business window. >> no. none whatsoever. >>reporter: police say several ac transit buses have been diverted from parts of downtown oakland and frank ogawa plaza but so far no reports of vandalism and only one arrest. we are told the group has dwindled down to 60 but police will be monitoring them throughout the night. reporting live in downtown oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> oakland police will get some help in a few week. highway patrol is reloaning personnel to oakland with the crime rate up 20 percent from last year. stockton gets help as well. chp officers will aswiss patrol and traffic enforcement in high crime area. >> county coroner office says the dental records helped identify the body of girl who washed ashore at the state beach on sunday. 16-year-old katie chu of richmond has been run away since last month. authorities are waiting for toxicology reports to determine the cause of death. she was a senior at albany high school honor stud
thomas roman was there and shows us what happened. >> this is damage to oakland city hall that was done by anti-war protesters organized by oakland occupy. the march and rally turned into protest against banks and cars. four cars were trashed. this bmw with a smashed windshield belongs to grace nguyen. >> i don't know what message they are sending. they need to educate themselves. i don't know how they believe they are part of the 1%. we are hard-working people, average people. >> the rally started at city hall at 6:00 p.m. and then 250 protesters marched up 14th street on a destructive rampage according to captain david downing. joy they went up franklin street and back down telegraph and back down to city hall. quickly smashed city hall and our police building here, and then immediately dissipated in different directions. >> they broke the windows at the at&t building and smashed windows at the recruiting station and threw bombs at the bank building along the way. they attacked the california bank and trust. >> we have been told by california bank security that each one of these windo
and other anti-war group called on him to end the use of unman drone and withdraw troops from afghanistan. >> the visit brought out supporters of mitt romney who came to criticize the president handling of the economy. if [ yelling] [ yelling]. >>reporter: today the republican presidential nominee attended a rainy campaign rally in the ballots ground state of virginia offering his own harsh words on the president spending record. >> he would tip to spend a trillion i don't know dollars more than we take in every year. in my have you that's immoral and wrong. if i'm president ought united states i will cut federal spending cap it and finally get us on track to balanced budget. >> romney campaign has been reenergize following his strong debate performance last week. the poll are narrowing. president obama has now just a slight lead over his opponent with 4 week to go until election day. tightening poll are putting more pressure on the thursday vice president debate between ryan and biden. you can watch it here on thursday starting at 6:00 o'clock. >>> you might feel it. there is a cha
. >> the doctors have told us this is something that is really serious. we have a good support system. our family is our support. >> the suv was going at least 60 miles an hour in a 25 mile an hour zone before clipping a car and then running over those three pedestrians. the suv flipped and ended up on its side in front of a house. >> i hear that audi very loud. trying to run the red light and clipped the curb and plowed right into them. >> two men in the suv took off running. one of them, 22-year-old michael james ratliff returned claiming to be the driver. police say they smelled alcohol on his breath. the family wants the other man to turn himself in soon. >> a person laying for dead. it is horrible. >> it is horrible. police say the other person they are looking for from the suv may have an outstanding warrant. the other woman seriously hurt was not identified, but is expected to survive her injuries . >>> a teenager suffered life-threatening stab wounds after a violent fight in san francisco's mission district. police found the 17-year-old girl on the corner of 21st and valencia streets just
's where nick smith is live for us. hi nick. >> what rain? came down in buckets. i'm here to tell you that right at the end of the game there it came down so heavy it seemed as though everyone was standing in the shower but the san francisco giants fans were not deterred in the least. they were here until the end. they knew that the nlcs had gone to game 7 and they were just happy to be there. now they are preparing to face off against the detroit tigers. >> after huge come back against the defending champion st. louis cardinals, the san francisco giants are headed back to the world series. wasn't easy getting here. giants had to complete a lopsided rally from a 3-1 deficit. moment that wasn't lost on fans. >> unbelieve afternoon. unbelievable. unbelievable. [ yelling] you see this? another one. for san francisc francisco. l. >> the heart of the rain fell louder the fans got. >> not at all. i wasn't leaving for no rain. no rain slowing us down. [ whistle]. >> until it was mostly clear game 7 was over. >> we did it. >>reporter: soaked. screamin screaming. caught up in the
prices from other sites. >> if you want to go to the game, use the official channels. >> fans looking to the streets for the deal, scalpers make their presence known. but if you dare do it tomorrow, in addition to possibly buying a fake ticket, you may face a fine. >> it is illegal to buy tickets from a scalper. it is illegal to sell tickets in the city and county of san francisco. >> investigators say the technology that scam -- scammers are using makes the detection of a fraudulent ticket with the naked eye nearly impossible. most will watch the game at home with their friends or their favorite watering hole unless you know lauren. >> i have had a couple of text messages requesting, but i can't help anybody. >> it ain't happening. >> no, it is not going to happen. >> i have been following ticket sales closely, and just to show you how quickly prices are moving, the average resale price for a game seven ticket is $887. in fact, starting tomorrow, mayor ed lee is claiming san francisco pride giants week. at at&t park, nick smith, abc news. >> thank you, nick. >>> tonight the san bruno
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